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As an accomplished forensic engineer, Robert Cargill brings different skills to bear in order to gain the full benefit from available evidence. In addition to technical and theoretical disciplines, his practical knowledge and understanding are key elements in efficient and successful investigations.

In his engineering career, Mr. Cargill has had a substantial experience in a variety of disciplines that span different industries, including automotive mechanics, metal fabrication and welding, power plant engineering, industry-funded research, medical ultrasound, biotechnology instrumentation and magnetic data storage technology. In combination with this industry background, his university education in materials engineering, fracture mechanics and electron microscopy at U.C. Berkeley has allowed Mr. Cargill to:

Be primarily responsible for laboratory failure analysis, nondestructive examination, electron microscopy, materials property tests and chemical assays in a large variety of litigation matters; these include numerous defense cases for Volkswagen and BMW, accident reconstruction, passenger restraint failures, potable water piping corrosion, orthopedic implant device failures, slip and fall cases, and accelerated degradation of architectural materials.

Have extensive hands-on experience in metal fabrication and welding; as the former owner of a service station, he also has a substantial practical knowledge of automotive mechanics, including formal training in several areas.

Become an expert in cracking and corrosion in nuclear power plant systems, and was involved with repairs and upgrades at nuclear plants in the U.S., Europe and Asia and consulted with the nuclear regulatory authorities in three countries.

Conceive of and direct a multi-national research project for tension-leg offshore platforms; the corporate sponsors of this program included Chevron, Combustion Engineering, Kawasaki, Nippon Kokkan, and Sumitomo.

Have a lengthy involvement with the Electric Power Research Institute program for the development of solar power devices; he made significant contributions in several areas, including the design and fabrication of the solar tracking array for standardized performance tests.

Have substantial experience with the design and manufacture of phased-array responsibility for the ultraviolet optics system (patent pending).

Mr. Cargill started his consulting engineering practice in 1984. Since that time, he has provided high-quality engineering services to attorneys, insurance companies, municipalities, the U.S. Navy and Air Force, as well as high-technology companies in the Bay Area.

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