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Mr. Cargill first testified as an expert in 1980. The case involved products liability litigation against the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) of North America. Since the claimed damages were in excess of $10M, significant discovery efforts were undertaken in preparing BMW’s defense. Mr. Cargill played a substantial role in developing key technical aspects of the case, including advanced metallurgical tests which discredited central elements of the appellant’s allegations regarding defective drive train "constant-velocity" joints.

Since that time, Mr. Cargill has functioned as an engineering expert in over 300 litigation matters. These cases have included personal injury, products liability, vehicular accident reconstruction, motorcycle / bicycle accidents, vehicle-pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, weld joint failures, materials degradation, piping corrosion, machinery failures, machinery guarding, device failures, and contract disputes regarding technical specifications governing manufacturing processes and process controls. Mr. Cargill has functioned as a defense expert in over 90% of these cases.

In each of these cases the approach is the same: Apply sound engineering principles and substantial real-world industry experience to accomplish efficient and productive technical investigations. Mr. Cargill is accomplished in presenting technical topics to judges and juries with cogent, understandable testimony and demonstrative exhibits. His emphasis is on the application of practical methods in order to produce results which make complex technical issues intuitively comprehedible to lay persons.

In addition to his practical, real-world approach to technical investigations, Mr. Cargill also practices engineering in behalf of technology companies in Silicon Valley. As described in other areas of this web page, Cargill Engineering designs and fabricates specialized scientific apparatus utilizing state-of-the-art materials and technology. Mr. Cargill actively participates in several professional engineering societies and maintains an ongoing effort to assure that his technical skills remain up to date. As a result, he is knowledgeable of new and evolving technologies as they come into general acceptance in the scientific community.

Mr. Cargill has also functioned as the defense expert for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army in a number of defense contract disputes. These cases typically involve litigation against the Armed Forces by large defense contractors who incur unanticipated costs or technical problems on fixed-price procurement contracts. Mr. Cargill has served as the defense expert for cases involving military diesel generators, jet engines for tactical aircraft, and machined forgings used in aircraft weapons.

This type of litigation typically involves disputes about the adequacy of the contract technical specifications as well as the applicability of Government inspection / acceptance criteria. In addition to large dollar amounts, these cases also involve comprehensive discovery efforts requiring the review and analysis of substantial volumes of technical discovery documents. Mr. Cargill has testified as an expert in courts in California, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. 

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